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A Ordinary Test Method of Zipper Quality
Fabric band:It should be evenly dyed, without dirt and scars.
And have soft hand feeling. In landscape or portrait way, it should look like wave.
Teeth: Surface of the teeth should be smooth to enable free sliding little noise.
Pull head: Self-lock pull head for free zipping and excellent fixation
free from breaking loose.
Paste fabric: paste tightly to the fabric band, uneasy to be broken or fall off
Block and bolt: efficient jointing, fasten the fabric band.
Upper and lower endings:
a. Upper ending should tightly follow the first tooth (metal or nylon),
with clearance not more than 1mm, firm and perfect.
b. Lower ending should tightly follow the tooth or be embedded into, firmly
and perfectly.
B Tips of Zipper Selection
Zippers have different adaptabilities under various environments. Therefore,
the manufacture notices you in particular:
I Which kind of products the zipper will be used (e.g. luggages, boots,
skiing garments, rain coats, camps, water washable blue jeans or
leather products of large acidity), or with other special requirements.
II Requirements on zipper ingredients, no AZO, or nickle, or able to be
tested by inspection needle.
C Allowance
In course of manufacturing, due to inertia of the machine caused by operation
speed or consideration of zipper integrity, there will be allowance on
zippers. The longer the zipper is, the larger allowance it has.
German and Japanese YKK Allowance Value
Zipper allowance put forward by Japanese YKK in the New Century Expo.
Zipper Length (cm) Permitted Allowance
Less than 30, 30-60 (60 excluded) 100以上 100 and above
German DIN, Act 2.1 No. 3419

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